Behavior Consulting Service
“If you talk to animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear.
What one fears, one destroys.”
(Chief Dan George)

Obedience training teaches responses to signals, cues or commands.
Behavior modification seeks to alter the unwanted behavior by changing the dog’s emotional response to reactive or scary situations. Developing alternative behaviors that are not compatible to the unwanted behavior. Extinguishing the behavior or managing the unacceptable behavior.

Does your dog have a behavior problem you need help with?
Some examples:

Destructive chewing. House soils. Digging. Shyness. Pacing. Excessive barking. Play nips. Eats non-food items. Exhibits aggression toward other dogs. Exhibits aggression towards children or adults. Runs away. Destructive scratching. Separation distress/anxiety. Phobias e.g. scared of going in water, scared of noises, fireworks, sirens, trucks. These are just a few examples, if you need help on these or another issue please contact us, we promise not to bite.
Some behavior issues are quite easy to deal with, while others can be very difficult.
Guardians/owners are quite often frustrated because they think they have a “bad” dog, or they are at a loss of knowing how to deal with the problem, therefore, unfortunately, dogs frequently receive unnecessary punishment or are surrendered to an animal shelter.
Our methods are designed to reduce the tension for both the dog and handler. We explain the program and steps, how it relates to the issue in question.
We have a positive approach to all training and behavior issues. Using Methods based on Behavioral science. Incorporating the latest developments with proven results and decades of personal experience.
You are asked to fill out a detailed form. The more we know about your pet’s history and daily routine the better. The information given will help us in designing a program to deal with the problem behavior.
At the consultation, we will explain our approach to deal with the problem behavior and begin the training. Throughout the program, we work with you and demonstrate all the exercises and procedures necessary. You will receive detailed notes that explains the steps specific to the lesson(s).
Note: minor behavior problems can be dealt with in one or two sessions. More complex and difficult cases will require several sessions.
Please contact us by phone or email.
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