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Private On-Site Sessions:

On-site, (private) Companion dog Training means we come to your home to begin the training. Your home environment creates the best possible learning experience for both you and your dog because both of you will be relaxed and comfortable. We will review each session and advance at a pace both you and your dog have accomplished. Progressing through the program from indoors to outdoors, will hone the skills with increased distractions.

Private dog training allows us to streamline programs to suit you and your dog’s needs. Our emphasis is on today’s “real life” companion dog training, making sure your pet is friendly to children, other dogs and people. Our friendly training methods will create a positive bond between you and your dog; your pet will listen to you and work hard to please you.
Please contact us, briefly stating what training you are interested in. e.g. puppy training, basic obedience or specific training issues. We will send you by email the correct “client information form” to fill out. After receiving your completed form, we will phone to arrange a convenient date and time for the consultation. Please scroll down for more information on puppy training.

The 1 ½ hour consultation explains: (A) How a dog thinks and learns. (B) How to communicate effectively with your pet. (C) Outline the program. (D) Dealing with your main issue and begin the training.

Some advantages of on-site training over group training:
Accurately assessing what you require from us, and what your goals are for your dog.
Busy people who require focused training for their dog have the advantage of flexible scheduling.
Help to build confidence with nervous or “skittish” dogs, with the aim of meeting other dogs and people in a friendly and confident manner.
Developing new cues or commands for special need dogs: Elderly, deaf and/or blind dogs etc, these will add safety and communication between you and your dog.
Dogs, like people, have individual personalities (temperaments). We design programs using friendly training techniques best suited for your dog.
Does your dog have a serious behaviour issue? Please see our “Behaviour Consulting Service”.
Private training sessions are held “on site” which means; in your home, on the streets and in parks, where you want the training to pay off.

Puppy training:
Training programs can start for puppies as young as 8 weeks old (in home only). This will give these young tikes a head start before getting all their shots, (also help to keep you from going crazy).

Exposure to different sounds, surfaces and situations, as well as socializing with people and dogs in a safe environment is critical at this early stage.
What your puppy learns in the next few weeks will stay with your puppy for the rest of his/her life.
We will deal with all the common puppy issues: Toilet training, Chewing, Nipping, Jumping up etc, as well as giving your puppy a head start on learning basic obedience exercise

Pre Puppy Counseling available. Please see Counseling services page.