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A1TailWaggers provides the following services:


             Group and Private Dog Walking


             Puppy and Pet Visits


             Private Obedience Dog Training


             Puppy Training


             Counseling on Puppy Issues


             Behavioural Consulting on Canine Issues.


All our services are offered and performed in a dog and people friendly manner.


Group and Private Dog Walking
When you have to leave your pet at home during the day, no need to fret or worry. Our experienced dog walkers would love to put a smile on your dog’s face and a wag in his/her tail by taking your pet for a walk. Please click on our dog-walking page for more details.

 Puppy and Pet Visits
Do you have a new puppy, cat or other pet you need looking after when you are away?
Knowing your pet is being looked after by experienced and caring staff, our Puppy and Pet visit service will give you peace of mind. We will clean up messes, play and perform other necessary services.

Obedience Training
We offer private dog training for dogs of all ages, puppies to senior, as all dogs can benefit from our well-designed positive based training programs.
We can help you prepare before you get your new puppy, make sure your puppy gets off to the best possible start and give you the tools to become a confident dog owner so you can fully enjoy your pet.
Do you have an adult or rescue dog that needs training? On the other hand, do you need help on a particular issue such as pulling on the leash? We design our friendly training programs to suit you and your dog’s needs. 

Counseling on Canine behavior issues
Having problems with unwanted behavior with your dog? With our extensiveknowledge in canine behavior issues, wecan help. It can be very frustrating and embarrassing when your pet displays (bad) behavior, such as; lunging and barking at other dogs or people, chasing cars, bicycles, skate boards etc. Maybe your pet suffers from being on its own and tries to relieve his/her anxiety by barking or chewing up your home. There are many canine issues you may need help with, we can help you understand the underlying emotions that are fuelling the behavior and design a program to deal with the behavior. The sessions are one on one with you, your pet and a canine behavior specialist. Our programs use scientifically proven positive based methods.

A1TailWaggers established in 2004is a registered companyfully bonded and insured.
Owners, Judy and Paul are passionate about providing the best service possible to the pets under their care.Have a lifetime experience caring for pets and continue to update their knowledge by keeping up to date with all the latest developments and discussions relating to dog walking, dog training, pet care and first aid. Our goal is to enrich your lives with your pets by providing excellence in all our service areas.

A1TailWaggers staff
Our staff have been carefully chosen for their love of animals, responsibility, honesty and commitment to the pets and clients entrusted to them. Comments and praise we receive from our clients’ to the services our staff provides confirms our dedication for a job well done.

References from our clients in all areas of service are available.


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Phone: 416-443-9502


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